Honoring the winners

In the evening of Saturday it was time to honore the winners:
the thirs place went to the German Daniel Fritz who had a crew from Columbis with a gap of 4 points to the leader. He was winning the race 6 but after no. 5 he had no chance to win.
There was a fight for the title holding on till the very last meters before the finish, decided by only half of a boat length!
The Vice European Chamipon of the U30 Sailors comes from the organizing club UYCAttersee: Roman Stelzl ((whos grand father competes at the olympics with the Star sailed with Michael Oberweger (SVWeyregg) and was only one point behind the leader.
The U30 European Champions comes from Wolfgangsee: Keanu Prettner sailing with well known Florian Raudaschl took the Silver Star with the U30 sign and a lot of applause from the other sailors!

posted: October 3, 2021    
© UYCAs, Gert Schmidleitner

Three races on Saturday completed the U330 EC

On Saturday the wind from NorthEast comes a little bit earlier than the day before, and also a little bit stronger. Up to 14 knots made the junior-sailors flying over the star class course 4 with 1.2 miles for the beat. After approcimatly one hour of sailing they where really close together so the race committee had not an easy job to do the finishishing list without having bownumbers for identifying the boats on the downwind from the side.

posted: October 2, 2021    
© UYCAs, Irene Schanda

Three races in a row

On Friday there was a lot of fog in the morning and a lot of waiting again.
In the afternoon a breeze from NorthEast came up and with 7 to 10 knots three nice races where sailed. All of them split the fleet over the whole racing area comming together at the weather mark. All races where finished at about targettime plus minus five minutes. Dayly pricegiving and "Austrian Evening" rounded the day.

posted: October 1, 2021    
© UYCAs, Irene Schanda

Opening, no wind - no race

Thursday, the first planned raceday of the U30 Europeans started sunny.
The opening tooks place at 11.00 hrs with nice words from UYCAs president Michael Farthofer, head from organicing committee and fleet secretary Günther Lux as well as Adi Lüzlbauer, who worked a lot for the event..
After the opening the waiting started, because there was no wind. But there was some snacks left yesterday, and Zipfer offered a lot of (alcohol free) beer.
The day ended finaly without any chance for a race.

posted: September 30, 2021    
© UYCAs, Lisa Helbock

Registration and equipment expection

Wednesday, the first day of the event started slowly and a little bit rainy.
All participants where warmly welcome with a snack given by the Atterseefleet and Zipfer.
The procedure of registration and equipment control was a very quick one. The Junior-Teams passed the weighing easyly....
Everybody had noticed the high focus on sailing!

posted: September 29, 2021    

Nice Training Conditions

On yesterdays Sunday, September 26, there where nice training conditions with 10 to 12 knots of wind from NorthEast. The Hussl brothers tried to figure out if Raphael (He knows the lake Attersee very well), or David (Olimpic competitor in Tokio on the 49er, Leader of word ranking of 49er for a long time) is the better one to stear the star thrugh the U30 Europeans. No decition was taken till noon!

posted: September 27, 2021    
© UYCAs, Adi Lüzlbauer

Preperations started

Some crews started the special preperations this weekend. Barbara Matz, Olympic competitor in Tokio on the Dart 17, sailing the U30 Europeans with the Austrian Star National Champion Michael Müller, put the necessary stickes on the hull this weekend.

posted: September 26, 2021    
© Sport Consult, Gert Schmidleitner

Event will take part!

Even if there are not very much entries the organizers decided to run the event as stated in the NOR.
A nice side program is organiced, the races can be followed by livetracking (TracTrac).
If you have not filled the entry form till now, you have time till September 26th, 2021 wich is the very last moment to take part at the first ever Star U30 Europeans, a very nice event in UYCAs with the Star Class!

posted: September 15, 2021

NOR Published, Entries open

On August 10, 2021 the Notice of Race was published and therefor the event is open for your entries.
Please fill the form within the entry system!
Please note that there is a reduced entry fee for all who tranfer the fee befor September 6, 2021.

posted: August 10, 2021    

U30 Europeans rescheduled

The ISCYRA agreed to hold the U30 Europeans at Attersee from September 29th to October 3rd, 2021
The work on organizing the event started with Günther Lux, Fleetsecretary of the Atterseefleet, as a chair.
Helping hands like Christian Nehammer (member of the host club, European Continental Vice President), Gert Schmidleitner (International Race Officer), Michael Müller (head of the Futurestar project) and Adi Lützlbauer had a lot of ideas to improve the event.

posted: July 5, 2021    
© UYCAs, Karin Lohberger

U30 Europeans cancelled at Starnbergersee

The U330 Europeans planned at Tutzing / Starnbergersee (GER) from Mai 10th to 12th, 2021 was cancelled as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Union-Yacht-Club Attersee and the Atterseefleet of the Star Class filled a bit in the middle of Mai to give the Star-Juniors a chance to sail for the Silver-Star.

posted: June 20, 2021    

Important Dates
Monday, September 6, 2021
Entry closing date
Reduced entry fee deadline

Sunday, September 26, 2021
Late entry closing deadline

Wednesday, September 29, 2021
Travel day
14.00-18.00: Registration
14.00-18.00: Equipment Inspection

Thursday, September 30, 2021
09.00-11.00: Registration
09.00-11.00: Equipment Inspection
10.30: latest time for crane in
11:00: Competitors meeting
13.00: First Warning Signal

Friday, October 1, 2021
09:00: Competitors meeting

Saturday, October 2, 2021
09:00: Competitors meeting

Sunday, October 3, 2021
Reserve Day

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